Diving History

Diving History

Throughout the evolution of diving, from the earliest breath-holding sponge diver to the modern saturation diver, the basic reasons for diving have not changed. National defense, commerce, and science continue to provide the underlying basis
for the development of diving. What has changed and continues to change radically is diving technology.


Scuba History

Long before diving became popular and we had learned about many of the inhabitants of our oceans, diving was an activity that only a few brave souls undertook.


Great people in Diving History

Jules Verne…
was a French writer, whose stories are well known world wide. He is often called the “Father of Science Fiction”. His stories were about inventions which were far ahead of his time.


Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Excerpts from “Life and Death in a Coral Sea”, 1971

It is my fondest wish that the world below, hidden in the deeps, may come as well known to future generations as the continents are to us today. For this occur, it is necessary above all the world survive…