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Flying After Diving

There are… different recommendations about flying after diving according to many different training and insurance agencies, but why not be extra safe? Please make sure that you leave at least 24 hours from your last dive as a clearance to board planes or ascend to altitude.

Could you give me details regarding Flying after Diving and what is recommended?

The current position is: wait AT LEAST 12 hours after a single No Decompression Dive and 24 hors after repetitive, multiple day or decompression diving.
DAN’s recent results suggest that in the second case an interval of 17 hours will probably be safe, but the study is still going on and the official recommendation has not changed yet.
Diving after prolonged flying may also be relatively risky, considering the tiredness, the change in time zones and especially the very frequent dehydration and upper respiratory tract dryness that accompanies prolonged flights. The position of DAN is to advice a period of at least 12 ( better 24) hours after the flight, with appropriate rest, nutrition and rehydration, before diving.
For your further information here are some abstracts from our previous articles.

From Alert Diver European Edition IV / 98
DAN Research Reports
DAN reviews Flying After Diving guidelines from the past, present and future

There is a very small risk of decompression sickness (DCS) after diving with dive computers or using dive tables. Mountain- or air travel can increase this risk significantly as a result of exposure to reduced atmospheric pressure. Flying after diving guidelines are the surface intervals that are recommended before flying after scuba diving is considered safe.


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