Robert Wan
Robert Wan the story of an unrelenting adventurer

Robert Wan whose father left China in 1904 to Tahiti, is a business man at the crossroads of cultures, even though he is French Nationality, French Polynesia remains his homeland while China reflects its origins. Its cultural treasure is a source of strength and energy.

At 19, he entered the active world striving by an unequal will to succeed. Successively employee, shareholder and owner, Robert Wan acquire the passion of a well-done work and make his first debut.

Robert Wan In 1974 he travels to Japan and fate smile at him. He meets an expert in the field of cultured pearl and is recommended to Professor Sato, known figure in this field. This professor had the honor of working with the inventor of pearl farming: Mr Mikimoto.

He introduced Robert Wan to the grandson of Mikimoto who promised him that if he always cultures high quality pearls, he will always be a buyer.

The encounter took place in the mythical pearl island, in the Province of Mile in the City of Toba. In 1977, Robert Wan first harvest was entirely purchased by Mikimoto.

Robert Wan is particularly alert for signs of life. Mikimoto was the first to have confidence in Robert Wan and this relationship persist until today.
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