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Oman Diving

Oman is situated on the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula and was until recently something of an enigma, closed off to the outside world. Over the past few years the country has opened its borders to travellers and is rapidly gaining a reputation for the quality and variety of its diving.


Oman enjoys great natural assets. Breathtaking mountains plunge directly into the Arabian Sea along large sections of the countries 1700 km of coastline. Once inland, the mountains give way to extensive sand dune fields, desert and forts.

Whilst there are regional variations, Oman’s waters are best known for sighting Stings, Eagle and Torpedo Rays, some species of reef sharks, a wide variety of Moray eels, turtles; Spiny lobster, Snake eels, and Nudibranchs. Regular reef and schooling fish include Batfish, Parrot fish, Angel fish, Trevalli, Snapper and Barracudas are common sight during a dive.

Coral growth is generally exceptionally healthy, with boulder coral, whip coral, staghorn coral, orange cup coral and cabbage coral to name a few.

These waters are very plankton rich and therefore water visibility may be less that you have experienced in other areas of the world.


Diving in Muscat

The Sultanate of Oman is a unique scuba diving travel destination. Diving the Daymaniyat Islands or around Muscat; Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre will put together your diving holiday in Oman. Diving in Oman is easy with intact corals and plenty of fish, try a discover Scuba or Learn to dive with good instructors; take more advanced courses while on holiday in the sun. turtle beach is a must see.

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