Search and RecoverySearch and Recovery

While minor aspects of search and recovery are considered within the scope of recreational diving, most underwater search and recovery is done by professional divers as part of commercial marine salvage operations, military operations, emergency services, or law enforcement activities.


The scope of professional search and recovery includes the following applications:

  • Marine archaeology – search for artifacts of historical interest and importance, and where applicable the recovery of such artifacts for study.
  • Marine salvage – search for lost material of value and recovery thereof.
  • Environmental protection – search for environmentally undesirable material and disposal thereof.
  • Forensic S&R – search for and recovery of material relevant to police investigations.
  • Emergency S&R – Search for and recovery of victims of accidents and disasters.
  • Military S&R – Search and recovery related to military operations and material.
  • Scientific S&R – search for objects of scientific interest, recovery of instrumentation and samples.

We have a long history in that field as we are    specialized in all aspects of search, recovery including secure floating vessels and underwater port and anchorage zones.