Underwater Security

Underwater Security

Yacht security has never been more important than now, as the world becomes an increasingly uncertain place. High net-worth super yacht owners face particular challenges due to their wealth, connections and an expensive asset that attracts attention wherever it goes.


Qatar Marine in co-operation with Firewall Security Consultants can do a lot to protect your family, onboard guests and one of your largest material assets. Whether you’re planning a weekend in the sun or a round the world trip, priceless peace of mind begins when you can insure the safety and welfare of your family, guests as well as your valuable marine assets.


special-operations-forces-combat-diver-tom-weberFirewall Security Consultants can audit, teach or provide security teams, to fit in with the running of the vessel, anywhere in the world and at short notice. The rapid deployment of additional security personnel in higher risk areas is our specialty.


This discreet service is provided in an unobtrusive manner while liaising with the ship’s captain and crew to meet the demands of the owner’s itinerary. Our high security standards allow owners, families, guests and crew to conduct their itinerary with complete peace of mind in regard to their own personal safety and that of their vessel.


Furthermore, Underwater Security Services is a specially designed program to address protection of principle VIP clients while at sea on board yachts, during their business and leisure times.  Qatar Marine and Firewall Security Consultants insure welfare and delight while our principle client and guests indulge in a whole range of marine activities.


Threats may take the form of armed combat divers or the use of explosives against target vessels or facilities. Firewall Security Consultants complete Underwater Security program also includes examining ships for contraband containers fixed to the hull.


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