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QatarMarine Diving Center

As a completely independent consulting body, we owe allegiance strictly to our clients. Only in this way can we give our clients a clear, unbiased, professional opinion on what is needed, and what options can best be utilized to meet that client’s overall scuba diving in Qatar & any marine requirements


We take pride in offering our Diving consultancy in Qatar and worldwide   throughout our way of serving the diving  tourism, education, industry, as well as protecting the environment, therefore we have gained trust, appreciation and recognition of several private and governmental entities.


We strongly believe that the challenges to conservation of the world’s coral reef have, if anything intensified. Our mandate is to help reverse the decline by continuously educating the public, the professionals and policymakers, and help build new eco friendly communities.


Qatar Marine and its partner companies are known as a leading global provider of integrated Diving /Marine services. We offer customized, comprehensive solutions to support and furthermore guarantee our clients complete satisfaction diving in Doha or  any where in the world .

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