diving safety

Diving Safety in Qatar

Diving is a very safe sport when it is exercised correctly, here in Qatarmarine.net we do believe that safety is un-compromiseable, it is a stone corner of our business concept and therefore, all our boats, shore dive operations and dive centers are equipped with Emergency breathing Oxygen tanks and latest Medic First Aid Boxes issued by the re compression chamber.In addition, ALL our staff are well trained and emergency first response certified.

Furthermore, we have established our own standard operating procedures manual that contains detailed descriptions of the way we want our operations to run for our staff to fulfill and use as a reference to excel. We strongly recommend following our safety rules as well as the safety rules of your training agency.


Diving Safety


Learn to dive with a qualified facility and scuba instructor.
Attend refresher courses, lifesaving and Oxygen Provider courses.
Undergo an annual medical examination by a diving physician.


Flying After Diving

There are… different recommendations about flying after diving according to many different training and insurance agencies, but why not be extra safe? Please make sure that you leave at least 24 hours from your last dive as a clearance to board planes or ascend to altitude.



Qatarmarine… and its staff are certified and insured as DAN members. We strongly recommend that all divers must have a type of insurance with scuba and sports diving coverage within its list of benefits.