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Underwater Photography Classes options    Basic ,  Basic Plus  &  Advanced Pro 

IF You are enjoying diving It is the time to add more fun And explore other interest and nice memory From your Dive to show family, Friends & share it with the world.

These unique courses are available in basic, intermediate And Advanced levels and can also be combined with PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialist courses, Level 1 or 2 with accredited certification once completed.

Fast Track Basic –2 days course

Day 1- Introductions, briefing about the course, watch a Slideshow of underwater photographers work Learn basic Fundamentals of taking photos in on land  & underwater, Pool dive for the afternoon practical Session, Where we will focus on mastering buoyancy, and take Some Photos in the pool.

Day 2- Head out to the real “studio” local diving destinations Take photos & Video Using   Go pro , Digital  point & shoot Cameras + hands on  DSLR pro ,Positioning. Framing.

Sea results & Reviews + Discussing Photos in class later.

Points covered:

  • Camera choice
  • Basic Settings for underwater photography
  • What makes a  good u/w photo
  • Basic composition rules
  • Many under water photography advise

KZUWP    Camera Settings

Basic Plus – (2 days extended   days after Basic)

Day 3 – Diving from the Beach (2 dives) after learning about Camera and housing assembling and maintenance

Working with U/W lighting using deferent camera set and Practicing Advanced Positioning + Framing and taking more Photos / videos using deferent UW cameras Go pro, point and Shoot Mirrorless   cameras and getting hands on DSLR Macro Lens + Wide-angle lens

Day 4- Reviewing photos + videos in class and post editing a Picture enhancement + retouches using computer software Introduction for filmmaking using a software.

Points covered:

  • Settings for underwater photography
  • U/W Mode and Auto mode
  • What makes a great u/w photo
  • Composition & protocol for u/w photographer
  • Using flash
  • Using the macro & Wide Angel lens
  • Post editing; cropping, retouching, sharpening, film making

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Advanced U/W PHOTOGRAPHY  ( 6 –days Extended )

This course is designed for Tv channels and film makers trainee

10 Dives (including night dive)

In Depth Technical Skills –fundamentals of underwater

Photography + camera settings +Mastering editing

Developing your eye for great U/W shots.

Practical session- Post production workshop –skills and Techniques for post edits final critique session will take place Followed by a photo show case of your work.

Points covered

  • Camera settings; underwater mode vs manual
  • Using flash and strobes
  • White balance
  • Depth of field
  •  Art of composition, including framing, movement & lighting
  • Perfecting your macro
  • Choosing your subjects
  • Learn various dedicated photo editing software